Friday, May 26, 2006

May Monthly Podcast Update

Another month, another list of podcasts.  A few new ones this month, nothing really fell off of the list.  I think I'm about at my limit.  My commute isn't long enough to support any more than this.

Here is what I listened to regularly this month:

Major Nelson - Covers the world of the XBox360.  News, reviews, interviews with insiders.  I'm not sure there is enough new going on in the world of the 360 to keep my interest forever but for now it stays on the list.

This Week in Tech - Leo Laporte hosts a roundtable discussion about the technology news of the day.  Lots of talk about the Intel Mac this month.

Security Now - Very informative show about the world of computer security.  Cryptography series ended this month and several shows covered more general topics.

The Dice Tower - Best of the board gaming podcasts.  Reviews, news, and top ten lists.  Good place to find new games.  One of the co-hosts, Joe Steadman, left the show this month.  It remains to be seen if the new show will retain the same spark.  I hope that it does.

FLOSS Weekly - Interviews in the world of open source software. 

This Week in Media - Roundtable discussion about digital media creation, distribution, etc.  Part political, part technical.  I'm learning a lot.

HDTV Podcast - Not a lot of depth but good coverage of the news in the world of HDTV.  The whole show is less than 1/2 hour so it's easy to squeeze in.

ExtremeTech Podcast - Yet another round table, this one covering PC technology.  Covers things like vertical coolers, new processors, etc.  A little HDTV is thrown in too.  Twenty minutes long.

Honorable mention:

Engadget - Not something I regularly listen to but their joint coverage of E3 was solid.  Podcasts right after the Sony and Nintendo/Microsoft press conferences plus a more general E3 show.

As always, if you have suggestions of media and/or technology podcasts, send them my way.  I am especially looking for podcasts on project management/programming issues.


  1. Ah well, maybe next month I'll get on your list...

  2. It's been a busy month (thus the last listing and the sparse postings in June).  No new podcasts...