Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer School

I decided to take a class this summer.  It looks to be an interesting one.  It is object oriented design.  I've read the Gang of Four book before, taken the NetObjectives classes on the subject, and used it quite a bit in my programming.  The subject matter won't be new.  It should be a good review.  There are two things I'm looking forward to in it though.  First is that I'll get a chance to learn Smalltalk (well, Squeak).  I've never taken the time to learn it before.  While not really a practical language any more, learning new languages gives one a new perspective on coding--even in other languages.  Learning the one that started all of this object-oriented craze will be fun.  And hey, I'll finally be able to read the Smalltalk examples in Design Patterns.  Second, the class is being taught by Ralph Johnson who is one of the Gang of Four that started the design patterns phenomenon.

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