Thursday, August 23, 2007

Creating Change

A few articles that came across my browser recently.  Both deal with the idea of changing an organization.  We all get the feeling now and then that our organization is suboptimal in some way or other.  Sometimes it's just a few things.  Other times it might be almost everything.  Either way, there are things where we say "If I were the boss, I'd change X."  Most of us aren't the boss and when we are, we find that there's another boss above us.  So, if you are aren't Bill Gates, how do you change an organization? 

Joel gives us some advice including just doing the right thing yourself, getting involved in the process of making process, and making yourself invaluable (so they'll listen to you).

Max at Codesqueeze has some other ideas.  These include giving others credit, compromise, educating others.

Jeff at Coding Horror talks about leading by example.  He suggests doing the right thing so that others will follow.

Joel and Max both suggest the idea of viral marketing or getting together a support group.  There are probably others in your organization who feel the same way you do.  Find them.  Then start just doing the right thing.  Others will follow.

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