Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It is once again Halloween which, here in the U.S. means a time when all the kids dress up in costumes and go door-to-door "trick or treating" (which means begging for Candy).  I like this holiday.  It's fun to see everyone dressed up at the door.  Unfortunately around here at least, the tradition seems to be waning.  Malls, businesses, churches, etc. all have their own trick-or-treat times and few kids come to the door.  I can count on my fingers the number of groups we see in my neighborhood.  Sigh.  The upside is that with so few kids, we give out full-sized candy bars.  :)

Microsoft of course is one of those businesses which offer trick-or-treating.  The kids get dressed up and walk office to office.  Most people bring in candy.  It feels a lot like cheating.  When I was a kid we had to work for our candy.  Now, they get a whole bag-full in less than an hour.  Kids these days...


  1. When I was a kid we had to trick-or-treat 2 miles, in the snow, and up hill both ways...

  2. It's not "begging".  Please get the spirit of Halloween correct, "trick or treat" is: "Give me a treat or get a trick."  Extortion, not begging.