Sunday, November 25, 2007

Video Podcasts

With my new Zune, I've started watching some video netcasts.  Here are the ones I've found the most interesting so far:

  • Tekzilla - Feels a lot like old TechTV.  1/2 hour an episode talking about everything from routers to Black Friday sales.
  • The GigaOm Show - Om Malik interviews headliners and comments on the Web 2.0 world.
  • - Another technology news show.
  • Cranky Geeks - John Dvorak hosts a panel discussion about the latest trends in technology.  Think Twit but with video.  Not quite as good though.
  • Ask A Ninja - Short form comedy.  Hard to describe.  Just watch it.
  • Tiki Bar - Comedy show set around the adventures in a tiki bar.  Well written and high production value.

If I'm missing any good video casts, let me know.


  1. More from Revision3 (same guys who do Tekzilla):
    The Totally Rad Show

  2. Thanks Ogre.  I haven't tried Systm or the Totally Rad Show.  I'll check them out.  I've watched/listened to Diggnation a few times and it's just not my thing.  A lot of people do like it though so I'm glad you mentioned it.