Saturday, March 1, 2008

Is That A Wiki In Your Pocket?

Here's a cool little tool I discovered recently.  It's called DokuWiki on a StickDokuWiki is a PHP-based wiki that stores its data in text files instead of a database.  This makes configuration and backup a little simpler.  DokuWiki on a Stick takes MicroApache and marries it with PHP and DokuWiki in a small, 6MB package.  There is no install necessary.  Everything runs out of the install directory.  This makes it perfect to take with you.  Throw it on a thumb drive and you can carry a wiki in your pocket.  Why would you want to do that?  Wikis are great for documentation.  Whenever you have something you want to preserve, just open the wiki and add it.  Whenever you have something to look up, just open the wiki and take a peek.  Better still, because this wiki uses text files for storage, it should be pretty simple to merge it with a live web-based wiki running DokuWiki so you can keep a personal copy of your wiki with you at all times.


To simplify the execution of DokuWiki on a Stick, create wikistick.cmd in the same directory and put these commands in it:

start .\mapache
start http://localhost:8800/

Then you are a double-click away from running.  I suppose you could even set it up to autorun off of your thumb drive if you were so inclined.


  1. Have you tried tiddly wiki?
    Similar concept except it is a single html file.

  2. That's the future of rulesets for complicated boardgames- like miniatures games, with their endless exceptions to the rules.