Friday, April 11, 2008

Slow blogging season

I apologize for the very light blogging of late.  I've been busy working on the project for my latest class at the University of Illinois.  CS classes really take a lot of time at the end of the semester.  At the beginning you just have reading, homework, and lectures.  At the end they pile a project on top of that.  Depending on the class, that can mean a lot of work.  This isn't the worst, but I'm adding code to a large codebase which means a lot of time spent understanding it and a little time coding.  It's a lot simpler to write a project from scratch than to add functionality to something large.  As I'm taking a 500-level OS class, we're modifying an OS (Windows CE 6.0) and thus the code base is pretty big. 

It's coming together and I hope to get back to blogging more soon.  I just took a Microsoft class for Senior SDETs and have a lot of interesting ideas to blog about...

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