Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Beta Is Available

At long last, there is a preliminary fix for the corruption issue that has dogged WHS since its release.  The WHS team released the fix with its Power Pack 1 beta.  See their blog post for details and a link to download it.  In addition to the corruption fix, many other bugs are fixed and it is now possible to back up your shared folders to an external drive.  The power pack also adds supports for connecting x64 machines.

I've been using Windows Home Server for several months now and find the ease of backup unparalleled.  Just connect your machines to the server and they will be backed up each night.  No need to fiddle with anything.  I've been using early versions of the power pack and have found it very stable.  It's still a beta so treat it as such, but in my experience it's solid.  If you are running WHS, consider trying out the beta.

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