Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The MUD is 30 Years Old

Back before World of Warcraft or even Everquest there existed an entity called a MUD or Multi-User Dungeon.  These were a lot like today's MMOs except that they were text-only interfaces.  Most of the concepts were the same.  Build a character, kill lots of bunnies/elves/etc. to grind out levels, get cool gear, group with your friends.  They were just as addicting as modern MMORPGs.  I recall playing something like 24 hours of game in a 2-day period during finals week.  That's when I decided I should quit.  It was my grades or the MUD and the grades won.  That's probably why I'm writing this blog today instead of asking, "Would you like fry's with that?"  The first MUD I ever played seriously was called Crystal Shard.  As most MUDs, it shared a common code base with others but was heavily customized. 

Anyway, the MUD turned 30 this week.  It was October 20, 1978 that the first MUD came into existence.  It took a while for them to make it to the mainstream...


  1. Ah, grinding on Fido's in town ...  My experience with MUD's was short-lived and I don't think they ever went main-main-stream.  One thing I loved was the ability to play a god/game master.  I got to do that on a friend's server and it was a blast.  You could jump into any NPC and control them, create items for players, etc.  Though, it got out of hand when some jerk kept spawning a red dragon in the newbie starting area.

  2. Aren't modern MMOs basically the mainstream variant of the MUD?

  3. You let your grades get in the way of game play?!  
    You could lose your Geek Union card for such an admission.  Might just report you myself.