Thursday, March 30, 2006

Podcasts I'm Listening to Now

Here's what I'm listening to this month.  If you have any suggestions for things I might like, especially tech/programming podcasts, send them my way.

I listen to these regularly:

Major Nelson - Covers the world of the XBox360.  News, reviews, interviews with insiders.

This Week in Tech - Leo Laporte and a cast of characters talk about the technology news of the day.  Includes guests like Steve Wozniak.  A bit chaotic but you get a good overview of the week's happenings so you can dig in more later.

Security Now - Very informative show about the world of computer security.  Lately they have been doing information series covering networking, crypto, etc.  Also covers practical tips.

The Dice Tower - Best of the board gaming podcasts.  Reviews, news, and top ten lists.  Gives a good overview of what is out there.  Good place to become introduced to new games.  The hosts are good natured and fun to listen to.

Engadget - This is last on my list but I usually get to it.  Everything you need to know to stay atop the fast-paced world of cell phones and gaming systems.

These are not published regularly but I find interesting listening when I run out of regular podcasts:

Nerd TV - Interviews with lots of big names in technology.  The interviews sometimes wander (Bill Joy's sailboat?) but are always interesting.

ITConversations - I've started listening to the programming series there.  It doesn't appear to be getting any new podcasts but the archives are fun.


  1. The newest podcasts I've burned to CD are Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito (meh) and Stuck in the 80s (a new must have).  I won't throw out a CD until I've also listened to the latest Ante Up, PokerDiagram, Lord Admiral Card Club, and RetroCrush.

    Dice Tower didn't make my latest burn, 'cause the disk was full.  I've got eps 40 and 41, which should make the next burn.

    Stuff I'll listen to if I haven't downloaded anything newer: The Babylon Podcast, SerenityFirefly (The Signal), This Week in Tech, and Leo Laporte's KFI talk show.

    I used to get Engadget, but it's too cell-phone focused.