Monday, March 13, 2006

Geek Camping Tricks

   This past weekend I went camping with some friends in a cabin near Chehalis, WA.  Unfortunately for us, we didn't fully consider the implications of going camping on this particular weekend.  You see, Friday was the season finale of Battlestar Galactica.  Now, most of us have Media Center or Tivo and could watch it upon our return but that wasn't soon enough.  One of the people present had brought a laptop and had an Edge-capable phone.  We hooked the phone up to the PC and, using Orb, we were able to stream the show.  The video quality wasn't spectacular and there was some buffering involved, but it worked.  We were at a cabin in the middle of nowhere watching a TV show that was recorded on someone's PC 100 miles away.  How cool is that?


  1. You should also have pointed out that his phone was getting a signal (Cingular? Sprint?), while most of us were seeing zero bars on our TMobile devices.

    I need a new phone. :-)

  2. this is meant to be a pranks website and as if someone would bring a laptop and phone to camp (unless u want to get in deep trouble) it has a big chance of getting stolen. and by the most people don't have a laptop. anyway u must be a wizz with a computer cause i couldn't do that.(anyway it's meant  to be a prank website)

    i wasn't to impressed! :(