Thursday, July 6, 2006

June Monthly Podcast Update

It's been a busy month (thus the last listing and the sparse postings in June).  No new podcasts were added for the month of June.  The regularly-scheduled programming is the same as it was in May.  I tried a few new podcasts but didn't get into them. 

I listened to The Vintage Gamer but found his style too dry for my liking.  He spends an hour talking about one game--I listened to the Diplomacy episode--but still manages to stay at too high a level for my tastes.  There isn't much meat there and the voice has no energy.

I also tried Linux Reality but found that also not to my liking.  The content is way too high level and is often incorrect.  As someone who has only toyed with Linux, I shouldn't be able to spot glaring errors in the content yet.  The voice here is also lacking energy.


  1. One big new addition to my playlist: <A HREF="">Coverville</A>.  All cover songs, 2-3 times a week.  According to one of the host's <A HREF="">postings</A>, he pays about $500 a year to ASCAP and BMI for the rights to play the full songs.