Tuesday, August 1, 2006

HD-DVD Podcast

Our Vice President, Amir Majidimehr, gave an interview to XBox Live's Major Nelson.  He and one of the program managers for HD-DVD talk about the market, the discs themselves, scripting, interactivity, codecs, and what makes HD-DVD better than BluRay.  It's a very informative interview.  Load it up on your media player or burn it to CD and listen away.  It's well worth your time. 

Two versions are available:



My initial take was that HD-DVD was losing the battle.  The studios all seemed to be siding with BluRay, the PS3 seemed like an unstoppable juggernaut, and HD-DVD didn't seem to have much going for it.  Now all that has changed.  The studios are still largely with BluRay but they'll go wherever the players are.  The PS3 is looking more like a hobbled old horse than the inevitable winner of the race.  HD-DVD has made a decent showing in the market.  It is available and costs 1/2 of the BluRay players.  Things could get interesting.

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