Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back To School

When I'm not trying to deliver the next great operating system or spending time with my family, I'm working on a masters degree in computer science.  It makes for a busy life.  As I'm doing this on the side, I'm only able to take one class a semester.  Last semester it was Theory of Computation (automata, turing machines, NP, etc.).  This semester it will be computer security.  I look forward to getting back to a class where we might see a compiler.  Theory of Computation is all about math.  Let us just say that isn't my favorite subject.  It will be interesting taking this class.  I was here for Microsoft's security stand-down.  I've been to numerous security-related classes and talks.  I'm not an expert but I do have a working knowledge of the subject.  I will be looking to see how what I'm learning coincides with my practical experience.  This is a class that could be very useful or way too theoretical.  We shall see.

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