Monday, April 23, 2007

Fred Fish Dies

Those of you who owned an Amiga were probably aware of the Fred Fish disk collection.  For those that weren't, this was a huge collection of shareware and freeware software for the Amiga.  It was organized into a series of disks which became known as Fred Fish disks.  It became the definitive way to reference shareware in that community.  If you wanted, say, Directory Opus, you could find it on disk #412.  Megaball (best Breakout/Archnoid clone out there) on disk 477.  Anyway, the guy who created the collection was a programmer named Fred Fish who lived in Idaho.  He died on April 20th.  He did a lot for the world of computing back then.  He'll be missed.

The contents of all the disks can be found here.  There appear to have been 1,120 disks in all.

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