Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How Much Better Is High Definition Video?

Moving to HD is expensive.  You have to buy a new TV, new DVD player, and possibly a new receiver.  If you've ever wondered if HD-DVD (or BluRay) is worth it, this demo I found may be interesting.  These are a series of pictures taken from the DVD and the HD-DVD or BluRay of the same movie.  More than just a series of pictures, they are flash animations.  You can drag a bar back and forth across the screen and see the differences.  Give them a try.  The differences are stark.  Here are the two I recommend:

Link via the HTGuys.


  1. Well, obviously the differences are stark when looking at a static image, sitting 3 feet from a computer screen. However, the different is not quite so noticeable looking at a moving picture while sitting 12 feet from your TV. Unless you have a huge projector... man, those things are sweet!

  2. I made the move almost two years ago, and I love it. I've got Vista MCE setup to record OTA ATSC, and it's incredible.
    A phenomenal series in HD is Planet Earth. We've been watching it via Cable DVR, but I'm looking at getting the HD-DVD player for the 360, and the HD-DVD of the show.

  3. HD is mutch better, but you have to see HD-DVD or blue-ray to see the Q.