Monday, July 2, 2007

1337 H4x0rz Use Media Center Keyboards

I saw Live Free or Die Hard yesterday.  It's a story that involves, among other things, computer hackers.  Kevin Smith makes an appearance in the movie as an elite hacker.  It was interesting to see that his preferred input device was a Microsoft Media Center Remote Keyboard.  Does that mean his command center is running Windows?

If you're wondering, it was a good movie.  Much better than I expected and a lot of fun to watch.  If you enjoyed the first two Die Hard movies, be sure to catch this one.


  1. You know, this is the *fourth* Die Hard movie, unless you don't count Die Hard 2 (which I don't).

  2. Yep.  I liked Die Hard and Die Harder.  I don't count the 3rd.  :)