Thursday, February 14, 2008

Evaluating Your Skill As A Leader

Someone recently characterized for me one way leaders are evaluated.  This certainly isn't the only way and it doesn't catch everything, but it is a good place to start.  The list is succinct and the questions thought-provoking.  Here is the list:

    • Results – How is your day job going? 
    • Leadership – Who do you make better?
    • Strategic Insight – How far out are you thinking?  A few days?  A few months?  Several years?
    • Scope – Who is changing because of you?  Your team?  Your group?  The company?  The industry?
    • Sphere of Influence – Who is listening to you?

These are good questions to keep in mind when looking to advance one's career into leadership.


  1. I often find, change and buy-in anre very hard to get from a group.
    I have recently joined a company, even demonstrated my technical worth by implmenting what was said cant be done, now I find @ every door a singular response i.e. "NO"
    In the extreme I have tried being very polite at that - one technique has gotten results, thats asking questions and leading people to the answer - that has its risks in opening unseen doors and the conversation taking wierd turns.
    How does a person step into a leadership role of an existing group with multiple head strong personalities.

  2. I'm not sure I have enough detail to answer your question very well.  If you want to change a group you need respect or power and hopefully both.  If you have neither, you'll be ineffective.
    If you are stepping into a leadership role with headstrong personalities, you need to make a few quick assessments about the people.  Are they being obstructionist just because or do they have a point?  Listen to them.  Is there meat there?  They've been around longer than you and so likely have a point.  If they don't, then you have another decision to make.  Decide if their work is of such value that you need them anyway.  If so, get out the kid gloves.  If not, you are the boss.  Take action.  Ultimately they need to get on board or you need to get new team members.

  3. Very tricky question and very nicely answered. Keep blogging.