Monday, February 4, 2008

Project BBQ Reports Are Released

Project BBQ is the premier interactive music industry think tank.  Everything from PC-audio to game audio to audio creation is covered.  I attended this past October and the final reports are finally released.  This year's subjects included suggestions for improving the base level of PC audio, audio metadata, a game producer's guide for audio, new composition input devices, and many more.  You can find them all here

I was part of the "Fixing Broken PC Audio" group also known as Mr. Miagi's Little Trees (strangely, there is no story there--sorry).  We began with the premise that Vista and the new Windows Logo requirements along with it had improved the minimum quality bar for PC audio but that there were still many problems to solve.  We ranked the problems we observed and detailed the state of the industry and suggested solutions for each problem.  We covered everything from the challenges of working with HDMI and Bluetooth audio to latency with a lot in between.  Check out the report for details.

There is a forum thread over on the O'Reilly digital media site discussing the reports.

There are also pictures from the event.  You can see me in the middle here.  In these two we're working on our report.

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