Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some Good Advice for Managers

Some good advice for managers courtesy of the guys at Business Intelligence Lowdown.  They give 73 tips.  Not all of them are eye-opening but I'm sure there are some items here you haven't considered.  A few of my favorites:

  • Do not rake employees over the coals for mistakes that happen inadvertently. Instead, help them understand the error so they don't repeat it.

  • Indifference is as bad, if not worse, than too much interference. Take the right amount of interest in what your employees do.

  • Keep your employees within the loop. Inform them of all decisions that will affect and be affected by their work. Don't treat them as mindless machines that are used only to get the job done.

  • It's hard to swallow pride and admit that you're wrong, especially to your subordinates. Doing so will not only make them admire you more, but also make it easier for them to admit their own mistakes.

And a few they didn't include:

  • Vacations are sacrosanct:  When an employee is on vacation, don't expect them to be doing work.  Encourage them to avoid checking e-mail.  You can survive without them.  I promise.

  • Have your employees' backs:  Shield them from upper management.  Take the heat for them when they make mistakes.  If your employees believe you're on their side, they'll be more willing to do what you want.  If they think you are in the pocket of upper management, they'll think twice before tasking risks for you.

  • Listen:  You're hiring people smarter than you.  Listen to them.  They might be right.

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